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Look but Don’t Touch

Size/28 x 23 cm

I am my Own World

Size/28 x 23 cm

Touch with Your Eyes

Size/28 x 23 cm

Touch Me

Size/28 x 23 cm

Zoom Boom

Size/28 x 23 cm

Touch Through Zoom

Size/28 x 23 cm

What is the Future of Relationships Darling?

Size/28 x 23 cm

Virtual Love

Size/28 x 23 cm

Qinza Najm

Country of birth

Country of residence


New York, USA

Artist’s Story

Qinza Najm is a NYC-based Pakistani-American artist / Her work has been selected for many national and international exhibitions / She has exhibited at venues including the Queens Museum (Queens, NY), Christie’s Art (Dubai), Art Basel (Miami, FL), SIKKA Art Fair (Dubai), Dumbo Arts Festival (Brooklyn, NY)), Governors Island Art Fair (NYC), and the Museum of the Moving Image (Queens, NY) / Her work has been featured in ArtNet News, the Huffington Post, the NY Daily News, International Business Week, Buzzfeed, and Upworthy /
Qinza pursued her fine arts studies at Bath University, the Savannah School of Art & Design, and The Art Students League of New York / She studied with well known artists such as Ronnie Landfield, Bruce Dorfman, Leonid Lerman, and Larry Poons / Her upbringing in Lahore, Pakistan, adulthood in the United States, and intense training in Psychology inform her paintings, performance and installation work related to gender, politics, and empowerment /

Full CV


Ph.D. Tennessee State University, USA
Drawing & Painting. Bath University, UK
Painting. Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), Atlanta, USA
Mixed Media, Painting & Composition, Sculpture. Art Student League of NYC, USA
MOMA NYC, Making the Invisible Visible: Learning from the Artist as Researcher
MOMA NYC From Pigment to Pixel: Color in Modern and Contemporary Art.
Arabic Calligraphy, Print Making & Welding workshops. Tashkeel, Dubai, UAE
Painting. Miami Art Center, FL, USA

Selected Exhibitions

To Open or Close, A.I.R Gallery, NYC (solo)
Ghost of Empire, Cuadro Gallery, Dubai (solo)
Stretched Carpets, Chowkandi Gallery, Pakistan (solo)
Don’t Shoot, Former Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
Tabdeeli, Queens Museum, NYC
#NoHonorInHonorKilling, Museum of Moving Images, NYC
Carousel, Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art, NYC
Suitable Girl, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Performance, The Last Frontier, NYC
#BaNoMore, WhiteBox Art Space, NYC
Somewhere in America, St. Lawrence University Gallery, NYC
Passage of Wishes, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, NYC
Fata, Aicon Gallery, NYC
Niqabi Virgin, WhiteBox Art Space, NYC
Ghost of Empire, Twelve Gates Art, Philadelphia
Treasures of Love, Miami Art Basel, FL
Black and White, Place Pleiades Gallery, NYC
Swirl Bridge, United Nation, NYC
Red Dot, Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL
Somewhere In Berlin, Wattis Gallery, San Francisco, CA
#DamnILookGood, Dumbo Art Festival, NYC
Just Politics, Con Artist Gallery, NYC
More to What Meets The Eyes, Con Artist Gallery, NYC
Love vs. Hate, DIFC, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Noun Al Neswa, Marsam Mattar Gallery, Dubai
Sacred Sinister, United Nation, Auctioned by Christie’s, Dubai
Morphism of Love, Art Mora Gallery, NYC
Golden, Saffron Art Auction, NYC
Let it go, Leigh Wein Gallery, Chelsea NYC
Ego vs. Empathy, Governor Island Art Fair, NYC
Analysis of Love? Rush Art Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
Ego and I, Gallery Brooklyn, NYC
Modern Conflict, Art Dubai (Sikka), Dubai
Oscillating Reality, Green Point Gallery, NYC
Dream of Love, Abu Dhabi Art Hub, Abu Dhabi
East & West, SMV Gallery NY, NYC
Sublime Allegory, Time Square, NYC
Small Works, Manhattan Borough President's Office,NYC
Love & Ego, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, NYC
Memories, Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), GA
Contemporary Artist, US Consulate, Dubai, UAE
Blue, Art Couture Gallery, Dubai, UAE
Greed, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
Passion, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Tabdeeli, Queens Museum, NYC, USA
  • 2017 Museum of Moving IMages, NYC, USA
  • 2013 Christie's Auction, Dubai, UAE

Artist Statement

I am interested in the body as both medium and subject—the circumstances surrounding its physical occupation of space, the norms and laws that govern bodies as political subjects, and the uneven burden these norms often place on women and minorities. Drawing from my upbringing in Lahore, Pakistan, and adulthood in the United States, my sculptures, installations, and performances address gender, politics, and cultural power through lenses of geography and social identification.

I often use motifs of bodies stretched, deconstructed, distorted, and pushed beyond their limits. A manipulated body is a reflection of how power is exerted on our being. However, I am more interested in the depiction of human potential—an extended body claims space beyond its expected role, both physically and figuratively. In particular, I aim to raise questions about how we might transcend and combat cultural stereotypes, prejudice, Islamophobia, and racist and sexist norms.

At its core, my work is about our capacity for transformation, generosity, and acceptance. Through my painting, sculpture, and performance work, I intend to generate a discussion about the obligations and responsibilities of belonging and the risk of reinforcing stereotypes during the process of challenging them.

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