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Shadows and Furniture

Size/120 x 120 cm

La Bête a Bon Dieu

Size/120 x 80 cm

The Soul Ethic

Size/150 x 150 cm

Les Gens Pauvres Sont Plus Beaux

Size/80 x 150 cm


Size/60 x 150 cm

Paula Chahine

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Artist’s Story

Paula Chahine graduated from USEK with a degree in interior architecture / Her chosen degree marked her lifestyle and career immensely / Between 1999 and 2005, her abstract style and layered painting techniques, which often featured acrylic on canvas, were well received in the region and helped her create and sell more than 700 paintings in Lebanon, Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi / She established her own creative atelier in 2005, but stopped painting, driven by a stronger desire to fully focus on grand design projects / Now, after years of hard work and self-development, many successful projects and a new wave of inspiration and passion, Paula is painting again / This comeback was celebrated in June 2014 with her first solo exhibition, at Station Beirut, full of painfully strong emotions reflecting on the human condition and analyzing people from the inside out /

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Group show, Potato Mike, New York, USA
2016 Solo show, Minotti Beirut, Lebanon
2015 'The Way It Is', Solo show, Villa Paradiso, Beirut, Lebanon
2015 'Chronicle', Solo show, Sana Gallery, Singapore
2014 'Inside Out', Solo show, Station, Beirut, Lebanon

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Group show, Potato Mike, New York, USA
  • 2016 Solo show, Minotti Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2014 'Inside Out', Solo show, Station, Beirut, Lebanon

Artist Statement

From the acquisition of the smallest human need, to the attainment of the highest ethical and moral value, MAN struggles within his own perceptive or oblivious mind for the achievement of their ‘Happiness’. Some confuse Happiness with mindless self-indulgence, I define it as the only honorable purpose of any lucid mind that endeavors to remain loyal to the achievement of their moral values, which leads to nothing but peace with oneself and with all its surrounding no matter how foreign or opposing the people or cultures around are.

My paintings are a pure manifestation of my guiltless search for my own happiness, in a world that condemns rational and peaceful minds.