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Face the Ostrich

Size/120 x 100 cm

Peace Offering

Size/80 x 40 cm


Size/120 x 100 cm


Size/80 x 80 cm

Nour Taher

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Artist’s Story

Nour first started painting in 2006 / She was greatly influenced by artists who captured the undisguised identity and emotions of their subjects, such as Pablo Picasso and Dana Schutz / In 2010, Nour was diagnosed with Alopecia which was a major turning point in her artistic journey / Losing her hair was a painful experience, that also led her to start painting self portraits / Her portraits do not have hair, gender, religion or culture / These portraits challenge the ideology of being / What does one’s existence mean? / Is that what defines reality? / Nour poignantly sends a message of self love, self forgiveness and acceptance through her works / She believes that as individuals, we are just as vast and mysterious as the physical world we live in /

Full CV


2014 Graphic Design Course. OCD Design Amman, Jordan
2009 Painting & Drawing course, DaVinci Escola d'Art. Barcelona, Spain
2008 BA Studio Art- Drawing and Painting, Concordia University. Montreal, Canada
2005 Interior Design, American University of Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Solo Exhibitions

2009 ‘Manimal’ Sheppard Hotel, Amman, Jordan 
2008 ‘Introducing Nour Taher’ CTRLAB, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2014 - present Chamber Gyld Design House, Amman, Jordan
2017 Picks for the Winter Holiday, Nabad Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2015 Art For Gaza, Art House. Amman, Jordan
2013 An Urban Reflection. Jabal AlQala’a, Amman, Jordan
2011 Summer Collection, Nabad Gallery. Amman, Jordan
2009 A Transition. Zara Centre, Amman, Jordan


2016 Living Well Magazine. The Art Issue. September

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Picks for the Winter Holiday, Nabad Gallery, Amman, Jordan
  • 2009 ‘Manimal’ Solo show, Sheppard Hotel, Amman, Jordan