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Size/90 x 90 cm

Road of Return

Size/90 x 90 cm

Lailat Al Henna (Night of the Bride)

Size/90 x 90 cm

Lailat Al Henna (Night of the Bride)

Size/140 x 200 cm


Size/140 x 110 cm

Erosion Factors

Size/140 x 120 cm

Nidal Abou Oun

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Artist’s Story

Born in Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza in 1971, Nidal Abu Oun currently works at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture / A member of the Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists, he has participated in exhibitions in Palestine and internationally/ ‘Roots’ is an unmistakable reference to Palestinian land, particularly to the olive tree and the Palestinian woman’s connection to it / Here, these women are represented as trees, their bodies made of bark and the baskets they carry, symbols of fertility: all indicative of Palestinian steadfastness despite adversity /

Full CV

Group Exhibitions

2013 - 2018 Group exhibitions
2012 - Defiance, Arts Canteen Gallery, London, UK
2011 - Something Should Happen, Gaza, Palestine
2010 - Creative Palestinian Art, Artesawa, Dubai, UAE
2010 - Palestine Through the Eyes of Young Artists, British Council (Travelling Exhibition)
2009 - Visual Stories, Eltiqa Artists House, Gaza, Palestine
2007 - Colours of Hope, UNDP, Jerusalem
2005 - Al Rabae’, Artist’s Union, Ramallah, Palestine
2003 - Autumn, Palestine Bank and the Ministry of Culture, Gaza, Palestine
2002 - Tin Al Ard, Articraft Village, Gaza, Palestine
1997 - Al Quds, Palestinian Embassy, Doha, Qatar

Career Highlights

  • 2012 - Defiance, Arts Canteen Gallery, London, UK