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Drove All Night

Size/142 x 117 cm

Genie’s Motel

Size/127 x 102 cm

Friday Night Lights

Size/152 x 102 cm

The Smell of Gasoline

Size/102 x 102 cm


Size/142 x 102 cm

Golden Hour

Size/102 x 102 cm

Nic Courdy

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence


Palestine /USA


Artist’s Story

Nicholas Courdy is an American artist of Palestinian descent / Currently based out of Salt Lake City, UT USA / He received his BFA in Fine Art Painting / Drawing from the University of Utah / He undertook a 1 year long residency at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in 2015 to further pursue his artistic career / Despite a traditional fine art background, his recent works use digital medias to explore ideas of compilation aesthetics / Nic presents his audience with highly imaginative works that create a hybrid of past and present art forms, producing a new contemporary /

Full CV


University of Utah — Bachelor of Art, Painting/Drawing Emphasis, Business Minor. GPA 3.7 Deans List, Utah, USA
2012- 2011 Corry Studio of Fine Art – Atelier for Figurative Art

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Springville Art Museum, Springville, UT, USA

2017 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Gala, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

2017 Art Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2017 Asia Contemporary, HK, Hong Kong

2017 Spring/Break Fair, NYC, New York, USA

2016 B.A.R. Open Studio, Beirut, Lebanon

2016 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 JOY Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

2016 VERA Fine Art Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

2016 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City Utah (Solo), USA

2015 Auction 2.0 EMERGEAST, Dubai, UAE
2015 Pop up Group Exhibition, “Like”, EMERGEAST, London, UK
2015 Group Show, 317 Gallery, NYC, New York, USA


2016 Beirut Art Residency

2015 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) Salt Lake City, USA

Career Highlights

  • 2016 Beirut Art Residency
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City Utah
  • 2015 Artist residency in Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Artist Statement

Through appropriation of art historical elements and the contemporary market I create compilations of imagery to reinvent familiar narratives. The internet’s landscape allows explorations of my ideas, as it symbolizes a tension of isolation/connectivity and youth/maturity.  I explore these themes throughout my work, and reiterate the tension through juxtaposition of contemporary art and art historical references in the same image.  As the world becomes more and more involved with the digital arena, it is important to utilize the tools that are available here and now. A growing number of image databases and archives provide rich source material for my work. The elements of the image appear familiar, however it is in the arrangement of these familiar elements that invoke contemplation for something new or different.

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