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Nic Courdy, B. 1990

Nicholas Courdy received his BFA in Fine Art Painting / Drawing and has participated in artist residencies in USA and Lebanon. His works use the public domain and digital media to explore ideas of compilation aesthetics and silent collaboration. Nic presents his audience with highly imaginative works that create a hybrid of past and present art forms, producing a reformed new contemporary narrative that echo the current social constructions within the digital landscape.

He has exhibited in New York City, London, Dubai, Istanbul, Beirut, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Lisbon among others - and has collaborated with major fashion campaigns including Gucci, Delvaux, and Lane Crawford.

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Over 18 international group exhibitions
Art fair participant
Museum exhibition


Artist Statement

I explore the ways in which the internet’s availability of media and social interaction shape the complexities within the spectrum of our desires and perpetuate the maximum threshold of our fantasies. I am Interested in ideas of open-source content, I create my work using a variety of digital media databases, within the public domain, that explore narratives from different perspectives. The work is born out of the sheer magnitude and cheap availability of content via the modern web, and it relies on historical artifacts and creators who give their work to the public domain. This peer-to-peer relationship fosters a silent collaboration between me and the creators of various types of media, past and present. Finding the assets is just as important as assembling the assets. Through time spent sourcing, a narrative begins to emerge that is then pieced together toward a final composition. The ultimate presentation of my work is a culmination of explorations of this abundance of media – photographs, video, paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and audio files. I aim to present the viewer with a compiled over-stimulation of visual metaphors that depict the emotional tensions found in our relationships and interactions. I experiment with various digital representations but ultimately rely on digital collage and editing as the base of my craft. The works serve as an invitation to the viewer to personally reflect upon their own relationship with the digital landscape and the abundance of media that is omni-present in contemporary society and how it has influenced our perceptions, our relationships, and ultimately our stories.




University of Utah Bachelor of Art, Painting/Drawing Emphasis, Business Minor. GPA 3.7 Deans List, Utah, USA
2012- 2011 Corry Studio of Fine Art, Atelier for Figurative Art

Selected Exhibitions

2019 'Contemporary Istanbul', Piramid Sinat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 'Transcontinental', Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
2018 'Contemporary Istanbul', Piramid Sinat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 'Hashtag', Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
2018 Arab Worl Institute, Paris, France
2018 'Tribe x Abu Dhabi Art', Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2018 'UMOCA Alumni Show', Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, USA
2018 'Molecule DXB', Emergeast Group Show, Dubai, UAE
2017 'Contemporary Istanbul', Pirmid Sinat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Springville Art Museum, Springville, UT, USA
2017 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Gala, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
2017 Art Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2017 Asia Contemporary, HK, Hong Kong
2017 Spring/Break Fair, NYC, New York, USA
2016 B.A.R. Open Studio, Beirut, Lebanon
2016 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 JOY Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
2016 VERA Fine Art Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
2016 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City Utah (Solo), USA
2015 Auction 2.0 EMERGEAST, Dubai, UAE
2015 Pop up Group Exhibition, “Like”, EMERGEAST, London, UK
2015 Group Show, 317 Gallery, NYC, New York, USA


2016 Beirut Art Residency
2015 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) Salt Lake City, USA