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Size/70 x 100 cm


Size/70 x 100 cm

Whispers III

Size/180 x 150 cm

Whispers II

Size/180 x 150 cm


Size/150 x 210 cm

Morteza Shamissa

Birth Year

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Artist’s Story

A visual artist born in the north of Iran / Morteza’s experience is in Graphic design, Calligraphy and Photography / He continued his education in Graphic design but delved into his passion of Calligraphy / Unique to his style is Morteza’s ability to bring the ancient script into a distinctive contemporary framework / His mixed media works are a result of expressing his concept and observations using font as his vehicle out of his Tehran studio / Morteza has taken a part in several exhibitions in Brussels, Tehran, Tokyo and Toronto /

Full CV


Present Azad University of Tehran, Master of Graphic Design
2002 Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Graphic Design
1992 Degree in Calligraphy (Nasta’ligh), Iranian Calligrapher Society

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2009 Calligraphy Exhibition, Dariush Sharifabadi Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Calligraphy Exhibition, Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004 Calligraphy Exhibition, Visual Experiences, Toronto, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2016 Group Calligraphy Exhibition, Sareban Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 Haft Negah Arts Fair, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2015 Iran Arts Now, De Young Museum, San Francisco, USA

2015 Group Calligraphy Exhibition, Persian Idea Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 Group Calligraphy Exhibition, Sareban Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Using Calligraphy in Modern Media, (Workshop and Exhibition), Golestan Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2012 International Poster Competition, Poster for tomorrow, France
2012 Tranava Triennial Poster, Slovakia
2008 Group Calligraphy Exhibition, Dariush Sharifabadi Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Group Graphic Design Exhibition (Sarv-e-Noghreyee), Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran, Iran
2007 Tehran International Poster Biennial, Tehran, Iran
2006 International Religious Poster Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2002 Asahi Shimbun, Japan International Photography Salon, Japan
2001 Calligraphy Group Exhibition, Tehran Gallery, (Modern Contest), Tehran, Iran
1995 Calligraphy Group Exhibition in culture ministry salon, (classic calligraphy), Rasht, Iran

Teaching Experience

1998-2012 Visual Arts Institutions
2008-2011 Tehran Fine Arts High School

Career Highlights

  • Paticipated in many group exhibitions abroad, including Japan and France
  • 2004 Calligraphy solo exhibition in Toronto, Canada

Artist Statement

The captured Eastern people immersed in our modernized contemporary world and traditional legacy is a juxtaposition that is extraordinary. Numerous written cultural legacy aspects coming trough centuries can save them – empowering them so closely, but given they can be recovered to realize their cultural roots through defining characteristics of their history, the beauty of the script. Maybe these words can act such as the holy spirit trough our body to find our glory again. This series “Others” is a mirror of the globalised person today.

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