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Size/150 x 120 cm


Size/150 x 120 cm


Size/150 x 120 cm


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Mohammed Al Mahdi

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Artist’s Story

Born and raised in Bahrain, Al Mahdi was inspired to draw ever since he was a child / He tends to treat his subjects with the same transparency and honesty with which he drew the world on the walls of his room as a child / Inspired by a near fatal car accident he experienced as a young boy, he transferred this life-threatening experience onto canvas / He participated in numerous international group exhibitions across countries such as Bahrain, UAE, UK, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco / Al Mahdi has held 3 solo shows in the Middle East / In 2007 Al Mahdi won the Dana prize, the most coveted award for art in Bahrain / Al Mahdi’s work goes beyond the merely situational; it reminds us that we are all children at heart; no matter how old we are or how much knowledge and experience we have accumulated, we retain an inner sense of innocence /

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Al Rewaq Gallery, Bahrain

2009 Al Bareh Gallery, Bahrain

2009 XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Group Exhibitions

2013 Bahrain Art Exhibition, Edge of Arabia, London, UK

2011 Al Bareh Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2011 Sotheby’s Auction, London, UK

2011 Jam Auction, Kuwait

2010 Christie’s Charity Auction sponsored by Queen Rania

2009 Al Bareh Gallery, Bahrain

2009 Art Paris, Al Bareh Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2009 Bahraini Cultural Week, Damascus, Syria

2009 Art workshop on Palestine Day, Lebanon

2008 Third Cultural & Art Marathon, Morocco

2006 Al Rewaq Gallery

2005 Bahraini Cultural Week, UAE

2005 Spring of Martyrdom, Al Husaini Society for Islamic Art, Iraq

2005 ‘Peace is our Objective’, Al Eskafi Society, Geneva, Switzerland

2005 “And This Trial”, Bahrain Contemporary Art Society

2001-2004 – Bahrain Contemporary Art Society annual exhibition

2004 Graffiti festival, Al Eskafi Society

2004 Bahraini Artists Gallery, Bahrain National Museum

2003-2005 Bahrain Annual Art Exhibitions

Awards and Residencies

2010 Kuwait Forum for GCC Art – Souad Al Sabah Creative Award

2007 Dana Award, 34th Bahrain Annual Art Exhibition, Bahrain National Museum

2005 First prize, Al Husaini Society for Islamic Art contest

2005 First prize Bahrain Human Rights Society & Al Husaini Society Arts Fair

2005 Third prize, Graffiti contest, Shaikh Abdulla School

2003 First prize, Abha Cultural Festival, Saudi Arabia

2001 First prize Bahrain Human Rights Society & Al Husaini Society Arts Fair

Career Highlights

  • 2015 Solo show, Al Rewaq Gallery, Bahrain
  • 2009 Solo show, XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE
  • 2007 Dana Award, 34th Bahrain Annual Art Exhibition, Bahrain National Museum

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a child, drawing was my passion; the pencil was my first toy and I would scribble around with it on anything I could put my hands on, particularly on the walls of the house. I was not even five years old then, I used to like taking care of animals and birds so I used to draw them on the house walls. I was a stubborn child; my father always scolded me for drawing all around and used to take my pencils away, but I never gave up. Once, I was playing with the other kids; black stones on the floor caught my attention, I did not know what they were but I spontaneously started to use them and I discovered I could draw using these stones and I knew then that they were charcoal,

I filled the walls of our neighbors with my charcoal drawings, I was not aware of the size of the problem that I would face. Soon, my father received the neighbors’ complaints; he punished me and locked me inside the house. I was bored, by coincidence I found a pencil; I rushed to hide it inside my wardrobe, and I felt safe inside it so I started drawing on the inside of its door. One day, I heard my mother calling my little brother so I thought he was outside; I rushed out of the house and onto the street where I was surprised by a speeding car that would hit me and take my childhood away… I rested for a long time in a hospital bed; my parents stayed by my bed, they cared about me and brought me pencils and paper to draw on so I would forget what I experienced.

Since then, drawing became my passion so I drew regularly. I got to learn about the experiences of many different artists and then I started looking for a style that suited me, so I made a lot of experiments but I was yet to find the one for me. One day, I went to the house’s garage and found my old closet there; I looked inside it and found my drawings which brought me back memories of the past. I took all the drawings I found there and decided it would be the style I use to express and describe what happened or what will happen to me in the future; so that the memories of my childhood would be the subject of my drawings and even further constitute my memoirs drawn on fabric, not written on paper.