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Sad Circus V

Size/72 x 60 cm

Till we Meet in Heaven

Size/113 x 91 cm

Memory of a Mother

Size/91 x 111 cm

The End

Size/91 x 128 cm

Mohammed Kareem, Bar Elias Refugee Camp, Lebanon

Size/76 x 91 cm

Mohammed Al Kouh

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Artist’s Story

Self taught artist / Mohammed is an emerging artist making waves beyond his hometown of Kuwait / His deep fascination with all forms of art – Mohammed has been strongly drawn to the medium of photography from an early age / He creates a beautiful relationship with him and his subjects / Kouh distinctively captures and preserves and keeps alive his society’s past and its memories through his lens /

Full CV


2007 BA Marketing, College of Business Administration, Kuwait University

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Tomorrow’s Past, My First Solo Show, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait

Group Exhibitions

2013 Group exhibition, JAMM Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2013 Out Of Kuwait, The British council, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) Kuwait, The Royal College of Arts, Edge Of Arabia, London, UK
2013 Kursi, A Tribute To Chairs, Design Terminal, Budapest, Hungary
2013 Peace One Day, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait
2012 Shift The Shift, AOK Creative platform, Kuwait
2012 Mubarakiyah, Photography Exhibition, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait
2012 Without Boundaries, FA Gallery, Kuwait
2012 Peace One Day, Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), Kuwait
2007 College of Business Administration, Kuwait University
2004 College of Education Annual Exhibition, Kuwait University, Kuwait
2002 Al-Qurain Cultural Fair 7th Exhibition, NCCAL, Kuwait
2001 Al-Qurain Cultural Fair 7th Exhibition, NCCAL, Kuwait
2001 Liberation 10th Exhibition, NCCAL, Kuwait
00-06 Formative Art Institute Annual Exhibition, Kuwait


2013 Out of Kuwait-2 residency program lead by David Rayson, CAP, Kuwait
2012 Osama Esid Studio, Minneapolis, USA


2013 GCC Shabab Ayyam New Media Competition KUNOOZ, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE


2013 Art Moments Festival, Zenith Art Exchange, Budapest, Hungary


2013 JAMM Contemporary Arab Iranian and International Art, Dubai, UAE

Museum Acquisitions

Tropen Museum, Amsterdam

Career Highlights

  • 2014 CAP Kuwait Solo Exhibition
  • Out of Kuwait Group Exhibition, Edge of Arabia, London
  • Winner of KUNOOZ GCC Shabab Ayyam New Media Competition, Ayyam Gallery, Dubai
  • Museum acquisition by the Tropen in Amsterdam

Artist Statement

I've always been moved by stories. When I was a child I preferred to hear them from my mom rather than watching them on TV or hearing them from anyone else. My mothers' versions were always pure and interesting. I remember asking her to tell the same stories every night over and over again for years. I started imagining every single detail in these stories until they became sort of a reality for me in what looked like a dream. In Dreams you're always more beautiful than reality. You’re always happy and with the ones you love and no one will ever hurt you.

I grew up and started to forget these stories my mother told me. I realized it’s impossible to live in a dream your whole life or you will be living in a lie. That was the point when I wanted to recreate my dreams by making a parallel universe where I can be here and there at the same time. I wanted to revel in the layers of the human soul. I didn't just want to take pictures, I wanted to express a feeling beyond the photograph. These aren’t just about the subject itself, instead they extend to how they make you feel and tell the story of the forgotten and things we don't talk about anymore. They hope to reminisce with the memories, feelings and the people who don’t exist any more…