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Wedding Under Blockade

Size/82 x 200 cm

Downtown from Top View

Size/125 x 125 cm

Golden Downtown

Size/70 x 70 cm

Golden Downtown

Size/125 x 125 cm

Love Star

Size/54 x 54 cm

Love code

Size/61 x 61 cm

This is not Banana!

Size/54 x 54 cm

Mohamed Abu Sal

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Artist’s Story

Mohamed Abu Sal's artistic projects are daring, critical and scathing comments on what is deemed permissible in terms of technology and civilization in Gaza today / His “Metro in Gaza” (2012) proposes a network of seven metro lines to connect the different areas of Gaza Strip / He made an illuminated metro sign and set off to fix and photograph this sign wherever he imagines the metro stations should be /  Abusal exhibited extensively around the world over the last decade, notably in France, where he has had several solo exhibitions, in addition to the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai / In 2005 he was awarded the Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art / He is a founding member of “Eltiqa”, a an active group of contemporary artists that came together in 2002 /

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Thorns in Bloom”, Curated by Suliman Mlehat, Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine
2016 “PainFortable“, a conceptual research project, Eltiqa Gallery, Gaza, Palestine
2013 “SHAMBAR” , Photography, curated by (Lara Al Khalidi), Showed in Al-Mamal gallery – Jerusalem, & French Institute Galleries (Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus) Palestine
2012 “a Metro in Gaza”, Installation & Performance photography, curated by (Ala Younis), Showed in French Institute Galleries (Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus) Palestine, & Gallery of University of LYON-France
2011 “PASSIVE”, The Cite International des Arts – Paris. & Mica Gallery, SHUBBAK Festival – London
2009 “Light” “Eclairage”, Center Culture France Network – Gaza, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus. Palestine
2009 “Dot in Calligraphy”, Carre Gallery (Axe En Provence, Lyon, France)
2006 “Boarders”, Ville d’Albi, France
2005 “a Story of 99 Cactus”, Gallery Centre Press, Rodez – France
2004 “The Magic Box”, The Friends School – Ramallah (Qattan Foundation Art Award), Palestine
2001 “The Identity; between warmth colors and the dream of generations”, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine
2000 “Blue Window”, YMCA, Gaza, Palestine

Group Exhibitions

2016 – “Art for Hope“, Art Dubai Season.

2015 – “First Biennale of Arab Photo“, Institute du Monde Arabe, France, Curated by Geraldine Bloch.

– “87“, Qalandia International, Under the concept “Archives Lived and Shared”, Eltiqa gallery, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

– “Colors of Life“, Zawyeh Gallery, Al-Bereh-Ramallah, Palestine. Curated by Suliman Mlihat.

2014 – “ARTPALESTINE 2014“, April 2014 at White Box Center, New York City, curated by Mary Evangelista

– “Windows Into Gaza“, Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, curated by Felim Egan
– “Traces”, Memorial collective exhibition curated by Yasmin Sharabi

– Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence (MoMRtA), curated by Ala Younis, Sakakini culture center, Ramallah, Palestine.

– “Imagery – Beyond Oblivion and Remembering # Zero Edition”, Al Hoash in Jerusalem. Curated by “Alia Rayan & Yazid Anani”.

– “A PRISM WHEN IN THE SHADE“, TEMPORARY AGENCY SPACE, Brooklyn NY, Curated by Jack Davidson

2013 – “Jordanian, Palestinian, French ”, Artists Union Space, Amman, Jordan

– “Deep into that Darkness Peering”, Dual Exhibition Curated by “Lara Al-Khalidi”, Sakakini Culture Center, Ramallh – Palestin

– “MoMRtA“, Public National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Algiers, Exhibition curated by “Ala Younis”

2012 – AMBIENTARTE (Terza Edizione), Yacht Med Festival, Sede Associazione Culturale Novecento, Italy
– DEFIANCE, The Stone Space gallery, Leytonstone, London. Courated by Arts Canteen (Aser Al-Saqqa)
– “a Meeting in Eltiqa House” Workshop & Collective Exhibition, Eltiqa Artists House, Gaza
– Middle East festival, Lyon University

– Francophone Day, French Institute Gaza & Jerusalem

2011 – MAGMART / International Video Art Festival, Italy
– Autre Monde, Mobile exhibition, Toulouse monicipality show room, Moissac, France
– Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair, United Kingdom, Courated by Arts Canteen (Aser Al-Saqqa)
– Repercussions of Blue, In Memory of Rhonda Adnan Saad, An exhibition featuring selected art works from the Yvette and Mazen Qupty art collection. Al Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem, Palestine

2010 – Visual Stories, Eltiqa Artists House, Gaza – (Cooperate with Qattan, PCHR, Eltiqa)
– GAZART, Exhibition & Workshop, Eltiqa artists house
– CREATIVE PALESTINIAN ART, Art Sawa, Dubai – 14 March 2010
– Politography, Photography and exhibition workshop, Eltiqa & Shababeik, Directed with Goeth Institute.
– VIDEO’APPART Paris–Dubai BiennialHosting, 10–28 March,2010 (France/Korea) – Courtesy of Galerie Mamia BreteschéVideo’Appart Paris-Dubai

– Colors of Hope, UNDP annual auction exhibition, Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem, Palestine
2009 – Art Rest, Organized by Eltiqa, PRCS – Gaza, Palestine

Traces Du Guerre, CCF – Gaza, Palestine
ELTIQA, Gallery Brigitte Griffault, Le Scribe – Montauban – France
Colors from Palestine, Bank of Palestine hall – Gaza & Ramallah, Cooperate with French Consulate
2008 – ELTIQA, L’Accadi Gallery, Cajarc, France

– “Here not Here”, workshop, between Gaza & Ville de Najac, France
– Without Preparing, photograph exhibition, Place Makan, Amman, Jordan

– “La Nuit Blanche”, CCF, Gaza
2007 – Gaza Seasons, Gallery of Arab Bookshop, Geneva, Switzerland
– ELTIQA, Mobile exhibition, Albi, Toulouse, France

– Gaza shooed pieces, Albi, Toulouse, Rodez – France
2006 – From Sands to Gray & From Gray to Sands, Photography workshop with Swiss Artist, Gaza, Palestine
2005 – 10 Artists from Palestine – Mobile @ 10 Cities in France (June2004-November2005)

– “Pienture Photography Palestine” PPP – Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny – Switzerland. –From June until September
2004 – Palestine in Photographs – UNISCO gallery – Beirut, Lebanon
–Photos from Palestine – Hungary (Palestinian Ministry of Culture organization)
2003 – Williamsburg Bridges Palestine, New York, USA

– Seeds of Art – ZARA Gallery – Jordan
– I Remember 1948, The Performance Space, Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, Australia

– Made in Palestine, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX, USA

– 6 Artists from Gaza, CCF Centre Cultural France, Jerusalem, Palestine

– Art Across Borders, A traveling exhibition of contemporary Palestinian and Iraqi art Retail Therapy Gallery, Capitol Hill (Corner of Pike and Broaday), Babylon Art & Cultural Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
2002 – Williamsburg Bridges Palestine, New York, USA

– Marwan Kassab Bachi Students Exhibition, Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan

2001 – Arabic Jerusalem, Jordanian Artists Union, Amman, Jordan

– We Will Be, PRCS, Gaza, Palestine

– The 4th Al Sharjah Biennale, UAE

– September Harvesting, Arts Village, Gaza, Palestine
2000 – In the Shadows of the Intifada, Arts Village, Gaza, Palestine
1999 – 4 Young Artists, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine

– Horizons, YMCA, Gaza, Palestine

– Jerusalem is a Bridge for Return, a Mural Project, Latin School Hall, Gaza, Palestine
1998 – Free Colors, Holst Cultural Center, Gaza, Palestine
1997 – Friendship of UN-Japan Exhibition, UN, Gaza, Palestine
1999-2001 – Amman’s Summer Exhibition, Arts Palace, Jordan
1994-1997 – Participated in several group exhibitions

Education, Courses & Workshops

2002-2011 – Self Developing in multimedia and graphic techniques

2010 – POLITOGRAPHY, Photography workshop, Directed with Goethe Institute

2001 – Graphic Design Course, University of Macromedia, USA
1999 – BA Degree in Accounting – IUG – Gaza

99-2003 – Graphic techniques courses by Professor Marwan Bachi – Member of Berlin Arts Center, Darat Al Funun, Art Academy. Amman, Jordan

1998 – Illustration Workshop for Children’s Stories, French Cultural Center, Gaza
– Mural Painting Course, Japanese Artist “Tetso Kimetany”, UNDP Gaza

Scholarships, Residencies, Awards

2016 Nominated by MUCEM for attend Camargo Foundation
2016 GAZA Inedite, Scientific and Cultural Days Event, Organized by: (Institut français de Jérusalem, Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), Institut du monde arabe (IMA), Consulat général de France à Jérusalem, BULAC (Bibliothèque universitaire des langues et civilisations de l’Inalco – Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales), Institut des Cultures d’Islam, Mucem (Musée des Civilisations d’Europe et de Méditerranée))
2015 Won AFAC Visual Art Production Award, “PainFortable” research project.
Won AFAC Visual Art Production Award, 2012, “SHAMBAR” conceptual project.
Won Al-Mawred Production Award, 2010-2011, “Metro in Gaza” conceptual project.
2011 City International des Arts residency-Paris, Nominated from Qattan Foundation, French Consulate & M. O. Culture in Palestine.
2005 Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art.
2004 Nominated by TDK – Senegal International Art Program.
2004 Nominated by Qattan Foundation – Hassan Hourani Art Award.
2004 Nominated by Vermont Studio Center to acquire The International Vermont Scholarship in January, USA
(Years 1999, 2000, 2001) Nominated by Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center to participate in Darat Al Funun Summer Academy, under the supervision of Artist Marwan Kassab Bachi, Amman, Jordan


Creating “Gaza Contemporary Art Program”, through Eltiqa gallery in Gaza Strip.
A founding member of ELTIQA group for contemporary art in the year 2002
Palestine Art online community portal, managing, research and document
Working in graphic, illustration and web design field since the year 2000
Giving art rules lessons through Eltiqa gallery and programs with NGOs

Career Highlights

  • 2016 “Thorns in Bloom”, Curated by Suliman Mlehat, Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine
  • 2012 “a Metro in Gaza”, Installation & Performance photography, curated by (Ala Younis), Showed in French Institute Galleries (Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus) Palestine, & Gallery of University of LYON-France
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