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Size/65 x 50 cm


Size/50 x 65 cm


Size/100 x 70 cm

Eat Your Ice Cream

Size/70 x 56 cm

They Are Watching You

Size/65 x 50 cm

The Bath

Size/120 x 160 cm

Meriem Dachraoui

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence



Paris, France

Artist’s Story

As a self-taught artist currently pursuing her artistic production in Paris, France / Meriem endeavors to transcend the world of feelings, dreams and frustrations through her painting /She tried to capture what is often difficult to express or to admit in words / She tries to describe a perpetual sense of search of self looking for hidden feelings /

Full CV

Group Exhibitions

2019 Utopie Visuelle UV2 Street Art Event and exhibition, ELBIROU Gallery, Tunisia
2018 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Alain Nadaud Gallery, Tunisia
2018 A l’envers du temps/A l’endroit du temps, Carthage Contemporary Art Days (JACC),The Alain Nadaud Gallery, Tunisia
2018 Effet Mer, Elbirou Gallery, Tunisia
2018 MIZ MOZ MAZ #abracadabrà, Alain Nadaud Gallery, Tunisia
2017 EXYoung Artsists at the KHEIREDDINE Palace, Tunisia
2017 MIZ MOZ MAZ #abracadabrà, Alain Nadaud Gallery, Tunisia
2017 The Union of Tunisian Plastic Artists Exhibition in Kheireddine Palace, Tunisia

Artist Statement

My work emerges from an intuitive construction of figurative forms, I want to build pages of informations that translate into stories from my imagination. The human body inspires me and through its fragments I try to translate human relationships, desires, frustrations and anxieties. I try to tell stories, scenarios from everyday life, to cross fragmented bodies, disproportionate figures triggering certain sensations. . The body intertwines with everyday objects. I use my medium to write my own narrative of the moment of thought and the construction of history to let chance play on the birth of fragments of new characters, and let them bear the features of the past and present and the future - highlighting the relationship between the body and the space-time. My vision of the human body is my vision of the world of our daily torment.

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