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Size/52 x 52 cm

Lost Memory

Size/120 x 95 cm


Size/80 x 60 cm

Janet Hagobian

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Artist’s Story

Janet Hagobian, of Iranian-Armenian background, utilises her rich cultural background to question identity and perseverance in the Middle East / Her seemingly abstract shapes and forms offer a glimpse into the political and religious realities that shape the social landscape of her home countries / Janet leaves it to the viewer to decipher her amalgamation of shapes and colours through self-interpretation / With an extensive CV, regionally and internationally, Janet is ranked as a Gold Member of the Iranian Association of Professional Painters / She has held her most recent solo exhibition in Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, participated in two Bonhams auctions as well as most recently being acquired by the Ramzi Dalloul Collection/

Full CV


Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre
2014 Gold member in ranking of the Iranian Association of Professional painters
1995 MA Specialization in Decorative and Applied Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Art Lounge Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2014 Gallery Seyhoun, Los Angeles, USA
2012 Lucy Toutounjian Gallery, Hamazkayin, Lebanon
2000 Holy Cross Church, Narekian Hall, Zalka, Lebanon
1995 Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2015 FARRA Gallery, Lebanon Armenian Art 2015 Exhibition
2014 Iran-International Gallery Exposition (Qasr Garden Museum Art Expo)
2014 Haigazian University Matossian Gallery (Kessab in our hearts)
2014 Contemporary Global Art Fair (ARTHEUM) Beirut, Lebanon
2014 Haigazian University Matossian Gallery (International Women’s Day)
2014 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery
2013 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery
2013 Artheum Beirut (Beirut Bloom)
2013 JABAL 2013 (Jeunes Artistes des Beaux-Arts du Liban), Hotel Le Gray, Beirut, Lebanon
2013 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery
2012 Villa Zein, Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery
2011 AGBU Goguikian Foundation
2010 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery (Toros Rosslin art teachers exhibition)
2010 Hamazgain Lucie Tutunjian art gallery (24 April-Genocide)
2008 Antilyas Kilikia Hall (Aztag 80 anniversary)
2007 Babikian Hall, Holy Hagop Church, Beirut, Lebanon
2005 UAC Hall, Messrobian School
2002 UNESCO Hall (LAYAC)
1998 Covent of Bzommar
1997 Aghasarkissian Hall, AcksorKassarjian School

Career Highlights

  • 2014 Solo Exhibition in LA’s Seyhoun Gallery
  • Involvement in numerous group exhibitions across Lebanon
  • Member of the Iranian Association for Professional Painters

Artist Statement

This experience, of being caught in three cultures, not so different and not the same dominates my creative work. Each of my pieces offers a glimpse into the social, religious, realities that shape my identity—and the identities of those women, who live in the middle east with all problems and wonders.
In my work I pay great attention to the structure of forms, shapes and colors, which creates the inhabitable space that starts to resemble story and life experience, behind the composition.
The idea of using this object and shapes is to allow the viewer to detach themselves from the notion of normality and question their reason for existence. These beautiful shapes symbolize the idea of isolation when settled in this adequate position.
Each piece is composed of various layers and conveys the concept of the painting. My imagination explores and displays shape variations in order to communicate a strong composition. Painting these shapes may be challenging, but has the advantage of allowing the viewer to observe without feeling restricted or constrained.

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