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Flowers All Over

Size/30 x 21 cm

Golden Crown

Size/30 x 21 cm

Shining Water

Size/30 x 21 cm

The Wild Sun

Size/30 x 21 cm

The Ancient Flavour

Size/30 x 21 cm

Imad Habbab

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Artist’s Story

For Imad, Damascus is home / Imad now finds residence in Istanbul, Turkey / His paintings – an abstract interpretation of who/what is behind Imad / Against the temptation of darkness, Imad pulls out the Utopia from his mind / The canvas and his choice of colors links Imad to a sense of home / From a very young age Imad is actively going down the emerging artist route, building his presence carefully yet quickly / Starting at home to exhibiting in Beirut avidly, Imad has embarked on his international exposure with a solo show coming up soon in Berlin /
"Art is Passion and Passion is Everything."

Full CV


2011 Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Drawing, Damascus University, Syria

Group Exhibitions

2016 ‘Art from Exile’, US Embassy, Ankara, Turkey

2016 ‘Seasons’, Bant Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 ‘How We Came Across’, Karsi Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 PG Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 The World Bank, Washington, USA

2014 Kunststoff Syrien, Berlin, Germany

2013 UNHCR Community, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Art Circle Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Syria Contemporary Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Dar Al Mousawer, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Minatures, Dawar Shams, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Discover Mar Mkhayel, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 Art Residency Aley, Aley, Lebanon

2012 Aida Cherfan Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 The Small Painting Exhibition, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2012 Spring Annual Exhibition, Damascus, Syria

2011 Spring Annual Exhibition, Damascus, Syria

2010 Collective Exhibition of Young Artists, Dedeman Hotel, Damascus, Syria

2010 The Light, Goeth Institute, Damascus Syria

2007 Group Exhibition, Palmyra, Syria

Awards and Workshops

2014 UNHCR Cover photo, The Red Part of a Second, Explosion Collection

2011 First Prize, Shagaf, Syrian Youth Artists award

2010 MEXP Workshop, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2010 Goeth Institute, Damascus, Syria

Career Highlights

  • 2017 ‘Birlikte’, Turmall Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2016 Open Studio, UNIQ Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Numerous awards and prizes at the beginning of Imad’s career

Artist Statement

I do believe in our feelings and impressions and how big is this impact is on the way that we live, act and react, with every single step we’re taking, each touch of the brush it has been built through years and years of accumulation of those visions that we collected each day in our life, while nature is offering new scenes each day without any notion of boredom.

No matter what the concept was, I’m pretty sure that each moment can be the key for a new door that has a lot of surprises behind, when the impression of a moment can motivate our imagination to ride the adventure of creativity, when we can see the universe inside of our self... an experience of love and passion that we’re enjoying each moment.

Series Statement

Colors - it’s an obsession that started with me since I was four years old and I decided to go as deep as I can to understand it dimensions...

Day by day I was working for the sake of feeding this desire deep inside of me... lots of questions about colors and shapes were turning inside of my head so fast and I knew that the only way to find answers is to keep doing the thing that I love the most, 14 hours working in my atelier makes me feel how it’s possible to go with any medium to create unlimited shapes... feeding my soul with imagination and billions of visual memories that makes me trust my palette completely and all of those combinations were coming to the white surface fluently...