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Size/50 x 30 cm


Size/50 x 30 cm


Size/50 x 30 cm


Size/50 x 30 cm

Untitled, Sadu Above Water series

Size/130 x 130 cm

Ibrahim Al Atiyah

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence



Kuwait City

Artist’s Story

Ibrahim Al Atiyah, a prolific Kuwaiti emerging artist / Currently a teacher to Kuwait’s rising creative’s / Ibrahim has cemented his role as one of Kuwait’s top contemporary artists, evident through his many and wide ranging exhibitions across the GCC / Ibrahim is inspired by the language of his mother tongue / Tracing it back to the renaissance of the Arabs – poetry, modernism and eloquence / Ibrahim Al Atiyah’s multilayered works evoke a myriad of tales of language, history and heritage laden with decadence and modernity / Ibrahim is open to commissions /

Full CV


BA in Art Education, Kuwait

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2012 “Price Limit”, tiLal Gallery, Kuwait
2012 “Deco Expo 360”, Dubai Mall, UAE
2010 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2009 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait

Group Exhibitions

2015 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2014 Boushahri Gallery,
2013 Ramadan tiLal Gallery,
2012 Cap Gallery
2012 “Deco Expo 360”, Dubai Mall, UAE
2012 Alrabea
2012 FA Gallery
2012 tiLal Gallery, Kuwait
2012 Dar Al-funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2010 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery with Abdul-Raheem Al-Attiyah, Kuwait
2010 Villa Moda
First Black &White Exhibition,
Second Black &White Exhibition,
1998-1995 College of Basic Education,
“Prisoner of War”, Art Association,
“Liberation”, Al-Khorafi Binali exhibition,
“Al-Gurain” , The National Council for Art and Literature
“Spring” exhibition, Al-Shabab
Cultural Festival, Algiers Exhibitions held by the Public Authority for youth and sports, Al-Riyadh Exhibitions of Al-Sabah family
“History” exhibition of Hala February


2014 Bonham’s Auction, London, UK
2013 JAMM Auction, Kuwait
2011 JAMM Auction, Kuwait
2010 JAMM Auction, Kuwait

Workshops and Professional Experience

1997- to present Teacher at Formative Art Institute, Kuwait
2014 “Turquoise Canvas” for the Corporate Art Collection, by JAMM at the Gatehouse Bank, Mayfair, London
Produced a wall painting “In the love of Kuwait, we meet” with the artist Ahmad Al-Gassar
Contributed painting for Ministry of Education books
Produced paintings for children stories for Al- Marzouk incorporation for journalism
Worked as a portrait artist in Awan newspaper
Worked as an artist at Al-Majaalis magazine
Works published in Al-Makshouf Sport magazine
Artists at present at Al-Nahar newspaper

Career Highlights

  • Numerous solo exhibitions at Kuwait’s Dar Al Funoon Gallery
  • A place in Bonham’s 2014 Auction in London, UK
  • Regular participant in JAMM Gallery auctions in Kuwait

Artist Statement

Inspired by the shape of the triangle in the traditional ‘Sadu’ – cultural reference to the Bedouin pillow tapestry and patterns present until today. Driven by the environment of our desert, our native surroundings and everything associated thereafter: the wool of the tent, the yarn of the pillows, I strive to express and depict the essence, beauty and grace of our arid surroundings – this series represents that seen through the eyes of the Bedouins; pictures, symbols and inscriptions reflecting their natural habitat.

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