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Hossein Khosravi
b. 1988, Iran

Tehran born Hossein Khosravi studied photography, graphic design, printing and art. His work is inspired by his world and reality. Subject matters can vary from specific places to living souls he encounters throughout life. He aims to create new figures, new perspectives in a new world contradicted by his traditional Iranian surroundings that is present in his pieces. He currently lives and works in Tehran. In 2012, he started a never ending project called ‘Another Timeline’, this Pop Art project reflects Khosravi’s personality and roots. The unique aspect of this project is that he can always come back to it and add to it as change is a part of our everyday life. His works are mostly collages mixed with digital art.

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Regional group exhibitions


Selected Exhibitions

2022 Art Dubai Digital, Campus Blockchain booth
2022 Saless Gallery
2017-2018 Ariana Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 The Mine, Dubai, UAE
2013 Arran Plus Gallery, Tehran, UAE