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Hossam Dirar

Birth Year

Country of birth

Country of residence


Cairo, Egypt

Barcelona, Spain

Artist’s Story

Hossam Dirar’s inspirations are drawn from his hometown of Cairo / As a multi-disciplinary artist working across painting, photography, installation and video, he trains his imagination to aspire to the undefined / His works are conceived as a reinterpretation of Egypt’s rich visual heritage, overlapping between the multi-cultural characters of Egypt, and its ever expanding urban façade and the influence of contemporary media in shaping cultural references / Hossam is a fast rising artist heading to mid-career status through his participation in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Egypt, Bahrain, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, South Africa and most recently the USA/

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions


‘A Vibrant’, Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

‘Beauty and the Beast’, Art Talks Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

‘Awaiting’, Albareh Gallery, Bahrain


‘Lotus Revolution’, (2013 European Capital of Culture), Kosice, Slovakia


‘Once Upon a Time’, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

‘We Need New Oxygen’, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center, Cairo, Egypt

‘Lotus Revolution Anniversary’, The Egyptian Academy, Rome, Italy

‘The Lotus Revolution’, The Egyptian Cultural Institute, Paris, France


‘Wad3 Moshtarak’, El Sawy Culturewheel, Cairo, Egypt

‘Lotus Revolution’, Touring Exhibition Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Kecskemét, Maribor, Graz

‘To Egypt with Love II’, Safarkhan Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

‘To Egypt with Love’, Vienna Palais Porcia, Vienna, Austria

‘To Egypt with Love’, Safarkhan Gallery, Cairo, Egypt


Chaos, Hanfaninha Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Group Exhibitions


‘Olla’, Installation Art The 35th Annual General Exhibition, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt


Arts-Mart’s Exhibition, The Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Cairo, Egypt

Division, Installation Art the 35th Annual General Exhibition, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

Arts for Peace and Freedom, Darb 1718 Contemporary Art Culture Centre, Cairo, Egypt


34th Annual General Exhibition Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt

36th Salon of Youth, Center of Art, Cairo, Egypt


Tutankhamun Festival The Festival of Egyptian Culture, Frankfurt, Germany

Freedom to Create Photography Exhibition Cape Town, South Africa

35th Salon of Youth, Center of Art, Cairo, Egypt



9th international art Symposium Atelier an der Donau, Austria





Culture Trip Online, Chosen one of the top Egyptian Contemporary Artists


Saatchi Gallery Online, Chosen one of the 12 artists in “Invest in Art”



Salzburg international Academy of Fine Arts Course with Artist: VARDA CAIVANO



Independent Residency in Zurich, Switzerland for 1 week

Independent Residency in Bern, Switzerland for 1 week

Career Highlights

  • 2015 Grant, Salzburg international Academy of Fine Arts Course with Artist: VARDA CAIVANO
  • 2014 Solo show, ‘A Vibrant’, Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
  • 2014 Solo show, ‘Awaiting’, Albareh Gallery, Bahrain

Artist Statement

Art is my way of expressing my concepts & perspectives in life. Life is full of images; through my art I try to capture the essence of those images on canvas. Abstract is my keyword. Nature is my inspiration. Mind, shapes, and imaginations are my basic elements. My digital art explores the magic of our heritage in a new contemporary vision & give ‘rebirth’ to old & traditional icons; with the genuine use of colors, calligraphy, icons, & patterns. Through my artwork I try to bring to life the beauty of old times, the depth of memorable images in a modern unique vision. Thus text & calligraphy are features that I use. The strong impact of words merged with the patterns make the piece of art a true illustration of my perspectives. All is one & one is all… Observing different elements & shapes in nature my minds start to work. My imagination starts to see manifestation beyond what we normally see; the invisible in the visible. I capture these manifestations, reduce them to their basic forms, blend them again creating something completely new full of life and movement. Creating an original piece of art that combines the essence of an idea & the emotion of my inner consciousness. The result is originality, something you have never seen before. Each one experiences these new illustrations depending on his imagination, beliefs, & perspective in life. And that’s the beauty of Abstract art. Being different is thinking different. In my artwork everything is possible. Any color is allowed. All shapes, forms & colors can be mixed together. In Art a fish doesn’t have to be in the sea. Everything I observe or experience in life inspires me; everyday small details, everything surrounding us, time, heritage, and memories. I hope to make people see things that their eyes usually don’t see; showing them images of what they feel. I wish to deliver my perceptions to the world; and Art is my way. Hoping that people start to feel the essence of things, only then they will see their own images in life.