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Tree of Life

Size/140 x 105 cm

Inner Battle

Size/100 x 80 cm

Battle in Heart

Size/80 x 120 cm

Battle II

Size/90 x 140 cm

Battle I

Size/125 x 150 cm

Hosna Karnama

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Artist’s Story

Iranian born Hosna began painting in 2010 and graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design / The subject matter of her works are inspired by war with a focus on mythical features and an insider’s view of the role of war in her life / Her expression of conflict, tension and pain aims to convey the constant battle of good and evil / She believes the real war happens inside our hearts and minds/

Full CV

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Group show Tehran Saless Gallery

2017 Solo show Exhibition Art Gallery

2017 Solo show Kaveh Gallery

2017 Solo show, Sari Goharzad Gallery
2017 Solo show, Ershad Gallery

2017 Group show, Goharzad Gallery

2017 Group show, Aknoon Gallery

2016 Group show, Aknoon Gallery

2016 Solo show, Noor Gallery

2016 Solo show, Ershad Gallery

2013 Group show, Tehran Soore Art University

2012 Group show, Tehran Soore Art University

2011 Group show, Emam Ali’s Museum

2009 Group show, Sari Art Gallery

2007 Group show, Sari Art Gallery


2012 First place of student logo design competition, Hozeh Honari

2008 Fourth place of Imam Ali`s museum poster competition
2003 First place of student poster competition in Mazandaran

Teaching Experience

2016-2017 Mazandaran university, Art department

2011-2014 Afarinesh Institute

2013 Mazandaran university, Art department

2011-2013 Tabari Institute of Higher Education

2009 Mazandaran university, Art department

2011 Kheshte Aval Institure


2011-Present Member of Konj Painting Group

2008-2009 Young Journalist Club

Professional Experience

2016-2017 Lead Designer of BONITO ICE CREAM CO

2016-Present Creative Director, designer and Print Supervisor of Sahel rural cooperative

2015-2016 Lead Designer of Moon agency

2013-2014 Creative Director , re-designer and Print Supervisor of Sahel rural cooperative

2009-2010 Design packaging and Print Supervisor for Soy products of Behpak factory

2009-Present Poster designer for short movies and theatres

2006-Present Freelance Graphic designer and Art Director

Career Highlights

  • 2017 Solo show, Exhibition Art Gallery
  • 2017 Solo show, Sari Goharzad Gallery
  • 2017 Solo show, Ershad Gallery

Artist Statement

I was born in a corner of the world where war has been an inseparable part of people’s life historically and strategically. My visual expression of battle in my paintings is not confided with the borders of nations or tribes. Indeed, war exists in the mind and soul of every individuals, in their dark side, a constant battle between good and evil among all aspects that are in conflict. In fact, these conflicts in our life convey us to perfection. However, no one could be winner in the end, they mutually balance and develop each other.

The calligraphy in my paintings is a symbol of thinking and opinion of what is often not said, are the bodies in conflict or harmony with it? Sometimes, it has been neglected and sometimes, it has been covered. In fact, it is my own life experience in relation to individual identity and it is my reaction to the changes of political evolutions in the context of contemporary culture of Iran. Although I have been imposed by the early centuries’ events, especially before and after the advent of Islam, mythological contents of written books, manuscripts and Persian inscriptions are expressed in my paintings as well. With a glimpse in the subtle philosophical perspective and figuration to express human’s emotions in a new configuration of the modern myth, war is that the main content of mythical narratives and the foundation of this story is the battle between good and evil.

In comparison to today’s life, nothing has changed in the content, only the time and its wording might have changed. Overall, in my opinion, the main war is the one which is going on between my heart and my mind.