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Hamza Bounoua

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Artist’s Story

Hamza Bounoua studied at the Fine Art Institute in Algeria, and his inspiration is from Islamic, Arab and African art, incorporating in his work his Berber origins in the Amazigh culture / His work has been showcased extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Bahrain, Kuwait, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar, New York, Canada, Bosnia, Brazil and the United Kingdom / Hamza’s work has been on display at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art MAMA in Algeria and was the recipient of the 2006 Mohammed Abdelmohsen Al-Kharafi Prize for Modern and Contemporary Arab Art in Kuwait and the Ecume Prize of the French Cultural Group /

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2019 The International Biennial for Calligraphy "Letters In Motion" At Sharjah Art Museum - United Arab Emirates
2018 Untitled Faces –Katara Art Center - Qatar
2017 Art Dubai -United Arab Emirates
2017 Contemporary Areb Art Al Markhiya gallery Doha -Qatar 2016
2017 “Back at Black” AKAA Art Fair -Paris
2017 Through Letters - wadi Finan - Amman
2015 "Love or hate them you must create them" Gallery GHAYA - Tunisia
2013 Portal to Enigma 2 -Le Bastion 23 - Palais des Rais - Alger
2013 Wadi Finan art gallery – Amman
2013 Public Council for Culture - Havane Cuba
2013 Ro'iya art gallery – jeddah – saudi Arabia
2012 Albareh art gallery - Bahrain
2012 Almarkhiya gallery - Doha
2012 Portal to Enigma - agora art gallery - New York
2009 Dar al Funoon art gallery - kuwait
2009 Al bareh art gallery - Bahrain
2009 Workshops festival culturel panafricain - Algeria
2008 Meem art gallery - Dubai
2008 Ghaf art gallery - Abu Dhabi
2008 Art Lecture Presentation University Of Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
2008 Museum of Modarn and contemporary art MAMA - Algeria
2005 Public Council for Culture - Mexico
2005 Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery- Amman
2005 Art street fair – Canada
2005 National Council for Culture and Arts Istanbul Turkey
2003 Boushahri gallery - Kuwait
1999 Workshop -Ecume group marseille – France

Group Exhibitions

2019 "Art for Al Balad" Charity Auction of contemporary middle eastern art, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2019 “Time to Shine Bright" Algeria Pavilion ,58th Venice Biennale
2019 Un oeil ouvert sur le monde Arabe - Institut du monde arabe - Paris
2018-Contemporary Drawing at MAMA Museum of modern and contemporary art -Algeria
2017- DETAIL- Group show GHAYA art - Tunisia
2017 MIRRORS- Group show at HUB gallery - Kuwait
2016 Beirut Art Fair -Lebanon
2016 Laylak art Auction – Amman
2015 The Young Collectors Auction –ayyam gallery – Dubai
2015 Institut français -Valencia -Spain
2015 MACA Symposium / Marocoo
2015 3iéme édition, JAOU Gallery GHAYA -Tunes
2014 Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries -Egypt
2014 2ème édition de la Biennale Internationale de Casablanca - Maroc
2014 “Verses& impressions" almarkhiya gallery - Duha Qatar
2012 JAMM Contemporary Art Auction - Kuwait
2012 “Reflections from Heaven, Meditations on Earth: Modern Calligraphic Art from the Arab World" at the Mercati di Traiano - Rome
2011 Al bareh art gallery - Art Dubai
2010 JAMM Contemporary Art Auction - Kuwait
2010 Sotheby's Auction 'Hurouf: The Art of the Word' - Doha
2008 Art for Palestine at the Mosiac Room A.M. Qattan Foundation - England
2007 Art Lecture Presentation University Of - Sydney, Australia
2006 Gallery Aya – England
2005 Espace SD Gallery - Beirut
2005 AlBareh art gallery - Bahrain
2005 Al-Anda gallery - Amman
2001 Internationl Biennale of art - Sarajivo- Bosnia
2000 Museum of fine Arts - Algeria


2006 First prize for the international Mohamed Abd El Mouhsen
2006 El Khorafi of Modern and contemporary Arab Art - Kuwait
2001 First prize for The International Euro-algerian conference – Belgium
2000 First prize for the mediterranean Ahmed Asselah  - Algeria
1999 Prize of the Algeria governorate capital - Algeria
1999 Ecume prize the french cultural group - France

Artist Statement

I was born in Algeria, at the foot of the Berber mountains. The power of nature in that area, especially the changing colors of the seasons, had a profound impact on me from an early age. My artistic tendencies were nurtured by my parents , who bought me crayons and offered me support – even when I wasn’t always careful about the furniture! An important part of my work was influenced by calligraphy, and Berber signs, elongated figures from Africa and the sense of a possibility of universal friendship between societies. They cannot be read or decrypted in themselves but contribute to the whole painting to give an impression of spiritual harmony and peace rising out of chaos.

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