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Firouz Farman-Farmaian

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Artist’s Story

Firouz Farman-Farmaian was born in Tehran, Iran and lived there until fleeing to Paris to escape the Islamic Revolution / He went on to study Architecture and Visual Arts, which was the beginning of his career as a multi-disciplinarian artist / Firouz employs a range of media which includes paint, print, sculpture, film and even music, and are often presented as installations or performances / They are intended as momentary meditations on the energy and the motivation of the visible world / Common themes found in his works can range from nature to architectonics and the play between realism and abstraction, but each one is an instinctive moment of emotional and intellectual energy /

Full CV


September 2017, Solo show ‘Nomadic Displacement’, Musée de Marrakech, Morocco

July 2017, Magic of Persia’s Christies Auction & Exhibit, Monaco

Iranian Heritage Foundation’s Nowrouz Auction, Bonhams, London, UK

Middle Eastern Contemporary Art – Artnet Auction, London, UK

Art Brief III: The (Un)Draped Woman, Advocartsy’s multi-artist exhibition, LA, USA

Auction-Exhibition, Atlas Golf Cultural Center, Marrakech, Morocco

Solo show, RH Modern Seattle, USA

Solo show ‘Hybrids II & V’, RH Modern Flatiron, New York, USA

Solo show ‘Oceanic Asphalts I & II’, RH Modern Las Vegas, USA

Joint exhibit, Future & Memory / Memory & Future, Shirin Gallery NY, USA

Joint exhibit Firouz FarmanFarmaian and Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar, NY, USA

Group exhibit Persian Color II, Priscilla Payne Gallery, PA, USA

Dark Matter Exhibit Part II, Cadiz, Spain

Solo show, Galeria Maior Momentary Meditations, Mallorca, Spain


Dark Matter Exhibit Part I, El Posito Cultural Center – Los Barrios, Cadiz, Spain

Retroprojection solo show, Soleiman Palace, Marrakech, Morocco

Magic of Persia Foundation, Remembering Tomorrow Touring Exhibit & Auction, Dubai, UAE

Niavaran Cultural Centre, Magic of Persia Foundation, Tehran, Iran

Musee de Marrakech Fondation Omar Benjelloun, RetroProjection Solo Exhibit, Marrakech, Morocco

Persian Colors Group exhibit, Shirin Gallery, NY, USA

RETROPROJECTION solo show, Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery, Paris, France

Group exhibit, U.N Zero Hunger Milan Expo, Milan, Italy

MY LOST ORIENT solo show, Tarifa, Spain

A Blue Taxi to Paradise solo show, Nando Argüdlles Art Project, Sotogrande, Spain

Concordia Charity, Marbella, Spain

ICAM New Year Auction, Monaco

Magic of Persia, Christie’s Auction, Dubai, UAE

Madrid Polyptic Performance, Madrid, Spain

Panorama group exhibit, GRK Gallery, Paris, France

Cadmium Black solo Exhibit, Moghadam Gallery, Monaco

Waves solo exhibit, GRK Gallery, Paris, France

Scope – Janet Rady Fine Arts, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Waves solo exhibit, Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery, Paris, France

Black Gold group exhibit, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Iranian Heritage Foundation Auction, London, UK

Junkspace solo exhibit, Mews 42 Gallery & Layli Shirazi, London, UK

Christie’s benefit Auction, Prince Alireza Pahlavi fund, Monaco

Cadmium Black exhibit, Manart Gallery/GRK Gallery, Paris, France

Career Highlights

  • 2017 – Iranian Heritage Foundation’s Nowrouz Auction, Bonhams, London, UK
  • 2017 – Middle Eastern Contemporary Art – Artnet Auction, London, UK
  • 2016 – Solo show, Galeria Maior Momentary Meditations, Mallorca, Spain

Artist Statement

History and memory inform the work of Persian-born artist Firouz Farman Farmaian, whose lifetime of living in exile in Paris, France profoundly influenced both his creative practice and individual character. “It is circumstance that ultimately shapes lives,” says the artist, whose work seeks to actively engage in a dialogue with the past. As such, his compositions possess a vivacious and spontaneous energy, as well as a deeply symbolic quality, which speaks to a multiplicity of currents in politics, art and philosophy.

Rooted in Persian lore, and focused on themes of nature, architectonics and the interplay between realism and abstraction, Farman Farmaian’s diverse body of work is united by common motifs of movement and texture. The raw and visceral emotion of his pieces is tempered by their material properties, which are strongly rooted in a resolute emphasis on craftsmanship. Each work is the result of careful contemplation of the techniques and tools that will achieve a singular aesthetic and emotional intention. These in turn are deftly combined to create a unique visual rhythm across a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, film and music.