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Size/92 x 51 cm


Size/100 x 200 cm

Winged Lion

Size/40 x 50 cm


Size/100 x 80 cm

Night Machine

Size/110 x 160 cm


Size/100 x 100 cm

Winged Bull

Size/40 x 50 cm

Winged Creature

Size/40 x 50 cm

Mythological Scene

Size/80 x 100 cm

Goodness of Nature

Size/116 x 52 cm

Dana Al-Nafoury

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Artist’s Story

Dana was born in Damascus, Syria and graduated from Adham Ismael Institute of Fine Arts in 2006 / Dana is a multidisciplinary artist who works across several mediums including painting, murals, printmaking and illustration / The Syrian landscape takes over Dana’s dreams inspiring her to create colourful compositions that are full of brushwork representing natural elements floating in the spaces; rivers, mountains, hills, clouds, roots, and plant signs dominate the surface of her paintings in abstract form / Dana’s first solo exhibition ‘Tiamat’ was held at the Austrian Culture Forum in Cairo, Egypt in 2016 / Dana has participated in many workshops and group exhibitions since 2005 across Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, UK and Germany /

Full CV

Solo Exhibitions

2016 – ‘Tiamat’ Austrian Culture Forum, Cairo, Egypt

Group Exhibitions

2017 – ‘Artist of Tomorrow’, Arts-Mart Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2016 – Salon Alganob, Luxor, Egypt

2015 – Salon Alganob, Luxor, Egypt

2014 – International Nord Art Exhibition, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2013 – ‘First Time’, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

2013 – First Youth Festival, Culture Palace, Giza, Egypt

2012 – Peinture et Sculpture, Les Plumes Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2011 – Young Artist’s Exhibition, Kazah Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2011 – United in Art, Dar Al Assad for Culture and Art, Damascus, Syria

2011 – Sketch, Mostafa Ali Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2010 – Petro Canada Completion, Dar Al Assad for Culture and Art, Damascus, Syria

2010 – Appreciation of Osama magazine artists, Arabic Cultural Centre, Homs, Syria

2009 – Formation in Cement, French Cultural Centre, Damascus, Syria

2009 – Printmaking, Kazah Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2008 – Aleqaa, Kazah Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2006 – Noon, Adham Ismael Institute, Damascus, Syria

2006 – Portrait, Adham Ismael Institute, Damascus, Syria

2005 – Nahno-Together, Khan Asaad Basha, Damascus, Syria

Work Experience

2016 -2017 – Art Teacher, Thumblina Nursery, Giza, Egypt

2013 Volunteer Supervisor, PSTIC Institute (Workshop with local school), Cairo, Egypt
2011-2013 Instructor, Adham Esmaeel Institute, Damascus, Syria

2010-2012 Arts Teacher, Arts Private Studio, Damascus Suburb, Syria

2009-2012 Arts Teacher, Alameen School, Syria

2009 Instructor, Masar Workshop, Damascus, Syria

Career Highlights

  • 2016 – ‘Tiamat’ Solo show, Austrian Culture Forum, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2017 – ‘Artist of Tomorrow’, Arts-Mart Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Artist Statement

The beauty of nature is my first source of inspiration; landscape with horizontal, vertical and sloping lines. Weeds, grass, blossoms, and roots. Clouds, rivers, blocks, and mounts.

The vibrant movements of breeze, wind, current, flood and explosion.

The charming behaviours of fragile unique animals, creatures, and cells.

Also, the natural shape, cut, spot and spreading of each different material with each different tool I use.

Usually, I depend on strong flashy coloured backgrounds that makes a satisfying strong contrast with the other elements I draw and background I paint, also shapes a net of continuously linked lines.

I distribute the objects in the painting trying my best to keep every touch pure and raw.