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Beril Gulcan
b. 1981, Turkey

Born in Istanbul/Turkey, Beril Gulcan is a 39-year-old artist who lives and works in between New York and Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from ICP (International Center of Photography) in 2010. Her work focuses mostly on portrait photography and hand-made collages of acrylic paint. Her interest lies in engaging with weird but violently peaceful, beautiful characters and worlds, and portraying such in film and digital print, as she is inspired to collaborate with people, hear their stories, and capture their innocence, feelings, and lifestyles.

Beril's photography projects have been featured in some art fairs like Contemporary Istanbul, Fotofever Paris and Fotofever Arles, France as well as a solo show in Brooklyn, Istanbul and some other group shows in Istanbul and in New York. Beril is now concentrating on applying this method of capturing the personality of portraits by free form expression of paint and collage after spending six years photographing human figures.

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Series Statement


Derived from the latin verb “Cadere” (to fall), decadence suggests the moral and mechanical decay of a people, the public or the leading power. At the end of the 19th century, the leading figures of symbolism were attacked as “decadents” implying that they are degenerating literature, as they were trying to go beyond the societal and artistic order. Formed by the late period romantics, this group glorified the artificial instead of the natural, convoluted instead of the plain and was proud to be called “decadents;” as it held them separate from the traditional movement. When Adolf Hitler was appointed to his self-created chair of the “Führer” (The Leader), he claimed the new culture formed in 20s Berlin was “decadent,” and around 650 art pieces deemed degenerate were confiscated by the Nazis in 1937 and were exhibited in a travelling art show called “Die Ausstellung Entartete Kunst” (Degenerate Art Exhibition). According to Rousseau, decadence is the antithesis of nature and culture; all civilization is decadence, it keeps the person from living a natural life. When looking at Nietzsche’s criticism of XIX Century, an era that he claimed to be a time of decay, we can’t help but see that the manifestations of societal decadence which he classified still ring true in XXI Century; since the world we live in is a constantly re-created art piece, moreover there is nothing “behind” or “beyond” its web of delusions. In this case, it could be said that a state of decadence, as a consequence of a peremptory process could be, to an extent, pre-determined; since what has happened before will happen again, what has been done before will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. But is the reason for this the incidental repetition of history, or the simplicity of human nature? Does a decadent in a collapsing society benefit from corruption by aestheticizing decay? Or, what does art production look like in a world where nothing decays or breaks? For Ballard, a detailed ritual of burial is a sure sign of decadence. In our Leviathans, where one side sees collapse and the other side progress, how can we prove that we are definitely deteriorating? 



Solo Exhibitions

2015 I See A Red Door, Pure House, Brooklyn NY, USA

Group Exhibitions

2017 Decadence, Das Art Projects, Pera Palas Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 'African Pulse', Gama Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Modern Africa, No Lab, Global Holding, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 'Electrique', The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2016 Permeate The House, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 'X Contemporary Miami Art Fair', The Hollows Art Space, Art Basel Miami, USA
2015 Staves, Gussets, Laths, Tenons, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 Benefit Night at Santos Anne, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Hotel, Bodrum, Turkey
2015 Auto Chemistry, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2015 Art Expo New York Art Fair, The Hollows Art Space, NY, USA
2014 Coddly // Demure, The Hollows Art Space, Brooklyn NY, USA
2013 Mica Studios Ny, Brooklyn NY, USA
2011 3rd Ward, Brooklyn NY, USA
2011 3rd Ward, Brooklyn NY, USA
2010 'Of Bodies and Other Things', Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery, International Center of Photography,NY, USA

Published Work

2017 Hurriyet Newspaper – Paul Auster Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Photographer’s Forum – Best of Photography Book 2016 NY, USA
2016 Hurriyet Newspaper – Jose Parla for Istanbul 74, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Brooklyn Magazine – Eight Collage Artists You Should Know NY, USA
2015 Trendland – BlackFace, NY, USA
2015 Flavorwire – BlackFace, NY, USA
2015 Marie Claire Turkey – On Brooklyn, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Sanayi 313 – Cuban Breeze, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 – Between You and Me, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 L’officiel Turkey – Masters of New York, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 The New Collectors Book – Between You and Me, NY, USA
2014 – Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Blank Mag – Wodaabe Chanting Istanbul, Turkey
2014 Marie Claire Turkey – New York Daima, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Photographer’s Forum – Best of Photography Book 2011 NY, USA
2010 Photographer’s Forum – Best of Photography Book 2010 NY, USA
2010 Shift Book, International Center of Photography, NY, USA