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Amr Ali
b. 1978, Oman

Amr Ali is a pioneer in the creative domain including the Arab fashion world and the international fashion arena. Hailing from The Sultanate of Oman, Amr was the first Gulf Arab fashion designer to be recognised and invited to be part of the Official Fashion Week schedules in London and Paris from 2000 - 2013. Amr’s many achievements include building a brand single-handedly and launching his debut collection with Harrods in London. Courting some of the most powerful women in the world, Amr’s client base reads like a “Who’s Who” of the world's most celebrated and Iconic Women.

His photographic work produced for his most memorable interior commissions, garnered much attention that led him to launch his first photography exhibit with a series titled "Legacy" - a visual story of Oman in 2017. His work now hangs in some of the most beautiful homes and has gained him a following appreciated by other artists and designers alike, most recently by fashion designer Calvin Klien and the iconic Interior designer Nicholas Haslam. Amr’s work is now collected by an influential coterie, all of which have supported his vision as an artist. In addition, Amr is frequently commissioned by influential figures to create dramatic stylized portraits and this series was featured in Harpers Bazaar for the launch of the Guggenheim museum.

In 2021 Amr moved back to his home country to accept commissions in The Gulf for AMR STUDIO design consultancy and AA EDITIONS whilst also working on a further photographic visual series on Oman, introducing a new visual language in his signature cinematic style; The series, Journey, shines a spotlight on the magic and mystery of his home country, Oman, capturing the beauty and sheer magnificence of this storied land.

His wider creative collaborations include Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus to Christian Louboutin, Harvey Nichols, Asprey jewelers, and Sony he has worked alongside One and Only hotel group and Rixsos hotels as a Creative Director for key projects in art and fashion.

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Series Statement


The principle underlying a transcendental journey is that the expression and appreciation of love and beauty brings about a higher connection to the Divine.

This higher consciousness gives rise to perceptive capacities beyond that observed by the ‘ordinary’ five senses. The result is personal and experiential knowledge of a world beyond the physical realms, which lifts the veils between the material and invisible worlds.

This transcendent or ecstatic experience is also known as astral projection, astral travel, and soul travel.

In this body of work, Photographer A M R explores the ancient mysticism of vision and travels beyond the known realm where the consciousness detaches and moves away from the human body, allowing the viewer to experience a reality that is far subtler than ordinary existence.