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Posted by / Nikki Meftah

22 February 2015

We sat with Humaid Mansoor, a talented local Dubai-based artist, to find out as much as we can about what the emerging creative is working on and what inspires him. Humaid Mansoor is moulding his artistic production to reflect the very inspirations and motivations that tapped into his creative and talented self. With a graceful brushstroke and traditional influences, Humaid’s art is driven by a vibrant colour palette and bound by delicate calligraphic abstractions – each, fluidly expressing a story of their own.

Humaid is actively becoming one of the quintessential artists of the present art landscape in the UAE. With increasingly regular participation in the Emirates’ key art fairs, we keenly watch this rising star…

Midnight Secrets
Midnight Secrets

Who is Humaid Mansoor the artist?

My work revolves around the abstract. Be it a piece that depicts a scene, an experience or otherwise, tells the story of an internal struggle, by virtue of my style I have the ability to leave things open ended. I enjoy experiencing my work through the eyes of people – each time, ever so differently.

Your signature style focuses on a spontaneous brushstroke where beautifully modern calligraphic forms are the result – what has inspired this direction?

Honestly, this style is something new for me too. I am still trying to navigate my way around it and the more I produce, the more I discover different ways to use it.

It all goes back to my love for the written word. I have slightly bent the rules within which the letters exist, and put an abstract twist on an otherwise structure approach.

In the midst of a burgeoning art scene in Dubai with many regional artists exhibiting their work, do you find difficulties in competing within your local terrain? 

Difficult is not how I would describe it. It is indeed challenging given the growing art scene not just in Dubai, but in the region as a whole. However, it has proven to be a great learning experience so far, and it encourages emerging artists to push the envelope and to try something new.


What are you currently working on?

Art is not my day job. I am currently working in the family business which is healthcare related.

Even though I would love for art to be able to pay my bills, I have not reached that stage in my career just yet.

As a self taught artist who decided to pursue his creative talent, what advice would you give other talented individuals who are nervous to delve and materialize their artistic abilities? 

My sincere advice would be to believe in yourself and the work that you do. Before you can convince anyone else, you need to be able to believe it yourself. Work hard to put together a portfolio, put up a website to showcase your work and most importantly print business cards. When you start believe in your abilities as an artist, other people will eventually too.

What can we anticipate from Humaid Mansoor in the near future? Any new elements you are currently exploring? 

As an artist, one is always looking to try something new. New things are born out of inspiration, and I am always looking at the work of artists that inspire me to try and better my work.

Currently, I am looking at using different mediums and materials that I can hopefully incorporate in my future work. One that is of particular interest is photography. I have tried a few things in the past, but want to take it a little more seriously now.


Any plans for March madness and Art Dubai? The inside scoop perhaps?

March is always an exciting time to be an artist in Dubai. Plans? There are many. Any I can reveal at this point? Unfortunately not. Lets just say that perhaps you might be pleasantly surprised…

Posted by / Nikki Meftah



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