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Posted by / Nikki Meftah

11 January 2016


Our Artist of the Week is one of Qatar’s most talented young artists – Bouthayna Al Muftah. A sure rising star, this local artist’s creative process and distinctive style makes her one of the future shapers of the Qatari artists profile. Bouthayna intricately draws upon aspects of her culture and heritage in a poignant and delicate manner. We delved more into this beautiful artist’s inspirations and identity…

Your main source of inspiration is…
My main source of inspiration would have to be my surrounding. The elements of culture and heritage that are preserved here are a huge influence to my artistic approach.

If you had the chance to have dinner with any artist in our present or past history who would it be? What would you ask them?
Franz Kline. I would ask him for one of his breathtaking paintings to hang in my new home.

What do you do to relax?
Use my hands. I feel that I gain a certain sense of fulfillment from doing things by hand, whether that’s creating a notebook from scratch, or making a handwritten note of a simple idea.

What’s your favorite city in the world?
Anywhere filled with history.

How would you like to be remembered as an artist?
A natural and spontaneous artist.

Your art is…
My art is very unconcious, spur of the moment, impulsive kind of art.

Posted by / Nikki Meftah



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