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Posted by / Fidan Huseyni

02 September 2018

EMERGEAST's co-founder Dima Abdul Kader, sat with Jordanian artist Nour Taher to learn more about the taboos of a female artist in the Arab world, the layered emotions that influence her work and the Jordanian art scene...

Your inspirations predominantly rest on your personal struggle with Alopecia, can you tell our collectors how taking to the canvas helped you both personally and as an artist?

Alopecia in itself is not my predominant inspiration; however, alopecia helped me rid myself of predetermined standards and norms in which we unconsciously fall under and are pressured by (as an artist and as a person.) Alopecia was my teacher. It is more than physical appearances and beauty standards; it’s about accepting yourself as a whole. No compromises and no excuses.

As a young female Arab artist living in Jordan – do you feel it is difficult to talk about matters that are deemed ‘private’, ‘taboo’ etc. through your art? 

I feel like there is now more acceptance and tolerance in art in the Middle East. I believe that the most important thing for me as an artist is to be honest in my work. There will be acceptance if there’s truth.

That said, I also understand cultural sensitivity and consideration. As an artist I have to educate myself about the context my work is being displayed in and the relationship I’m looking to build with the space and a specific audience. And will be responsible for the reactions accordingly.

[caption id="attachment_5357" align="aligncenter" width="563"] Untitled / 80 x 80 cm / $1,200[/caption]

How has the Jordanian art scene received your work?

I’ve had some difficulties in the past years with exhibiting in Jordan as my work is, as described by some art galleries and art specialists, “too loud.” But recently I am being approached for collaborations and exhibitions. As I mentioned earlier, I feel like the art scene in the Middle East is taking a significant turn and is being given some responsibilities for social change and awareness. Good time to be an artist!

What do you want your viewer to feel once their eyes rest on your work?

I want the viewers to feel anything they want. Any kind of emotion towards my work is considered to be a success for me.

What can we expect from Nour Taher’s artistry in the next year? Sneak peek into your next series? 

I’m currently exploring multimedia artwork. Right now the focus is printing. It’s so much fun. It’s a whole new world for me.

And finally, describe your art in three words…

Honest. Glorifying. And relatable.

[caption id="attachment_5358" align="aligncenter" width="522"] Face The Ostrich / 120 x 100 cm / $1,800[/caption]

Explore works by Nour Taher by visiting her profile here.


Posted by / Fidan Huseyni

02 September 2018



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